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A Gift of Art

I am an artist married to an artist. This is a good thing because artists tend to think a bit differently from other people, and since both of us are creative types, we can cut each other some slack. Sometimes it seems like it would have been helpful if one of us had been an accountant or professional athlete, but too late for that. It’s also a great thing because we can talk happily for hours about things like paint, art history, visual inspiration, etc, etc…

Another benefit from 2 artists being married is that we can give each other gifts that we really like. I know that other couples can manage this, also. My point is that no one would think to give me some of the things I’ve received from my husband.

The middle brush is my favorite. The spoon shows the scale.

The middle brush is my favorite. The spoon shows the scale.

My favorite gift (ever!) was a large paintbrush. I love to smooth the bristles. I love the way it hold lots of water like a sponge, the marks it makes, the way it feels in my hand as I sweep it over the largest canvas I can manage to use. Scott knows this about me. He gave me the brush during a time when I hadn’t been able to paint for a while but was really wanting to get back to it. He wanted to encourage me. It worked!

"Shine" by Mollie Walker Freeman

“Shine” by Mollie Walker Freeman, painted from the Storling photos

Another time, Scott gave me a disc that contained photos from one of our favorite dance companies, Storling Dance Theater out of Kansas City. (Mona & Jeremiah Enna head up this awesome company and a dance school, as well.) Having raised a family of dancers, 2 of whom became dance teachers, and having taken classes myself, I have a great appreciation for the art of dance. Dance is also a favorite subject for me, so the disc was for visual inspiration.

"Exult" by Mollie Walker Freeman

“Exult” by Mollie Walker Freeman

One of my favorite pictures ever to make was a painting called “Exult.” This painting has been featured in several shows here in Northern Colorado, 2 dance schools in different cities, and finally was purchased by a family in Texas who is also raising young dancers. I am thrilled to know that the piece is being enjoyed by people who have a similar affinity for the subject matter.

My hip hop teaching son, Joel

My hip hop teaching son, Joel

We have not done this for a while, but Scott & I also enjoy painting outdoors (plein air) together. A couple of summers ago, we even painted together with our daughter, Sierra, up at Sky Ranch Lutheran Camp. Although we are not actually Lutheran, Sierra was a counselor there. We love the mountains, and Scott especially loves painting them. Taking time to hike & paint is a marvelous gift to each other.

Mollie plein air painting

Mollie plein air painting

Last summer, we traveled to Germany for the first time and visited our dear friends, the Taubes. Scott & I had the great pleasure of visiting several German art museums, including the art colony of Worps Vede and the art studio and home of Emile Nolde. Talk about a gift of art! All of that inspiration has fueled our painting for all of this year. We are now preparing for a joint show at the Loveland Museum, which is scheduled for November 2013. More about that in a later post…

Mollie and Scott in the garden of Emile Nolde, Germany 2012

Mollie and Scott in the garden of Emile Nolde, Germany 2012

About Mollie Walker Freeman

I am a fine art painter, & I am studying to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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