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Transformations: Making Loveland Better With Art

It’s that time of year again. So hot. Once Independence Day passes, I’m just holding on till the cool breezes of September come. It’s not exactly the time I’d choose to work outdoors; yet here I am again, painting a transformer (electrical) box for the City of Loveland. It’s such a nice project that I can’t help applying each spring (when it’s still pretty cool outdoors).

Mollie painting her first transformer box 2011

Mollie painting her first transformer box 2010

In Loveland, the city hires artists to paint the electrical boxes that are plentiful these days wherever people live. Honestly, if I had a great big, dull army green, metal box in my front yard, I’d want to do something to make it a little more attractive. Why not turn it into art? The bonus is that these boxes are much less likely to be vandalized, and that makes the power company happy. They actually spend less on hiring artists than they do on repairs from vandalism in some towns.

And with that, I have to mention that Loveland is not the only place these colorful boxes can be found. Scott & I even saw at least one in Germany last summer. Every local program varies a bit as to the application process, payment, and other details. Here, there’s a reception at the end of the summer to celebrate the newly painted boxes, as well as the ones that are still being enjoyed from previous years.

cherry pie themed box by Scott Freeman 2011

cherry pie themed box by Scott Freeman 2011

I love it when something positive and fun replaces something ordinary, boring, or ugly. This is certainly a function of art. I’ve seen a lot of fine art that could not be considered “fun,” or even “positive.” In this case, I love that everyone has the opportunity to experience the transformer box art, not only those who make it out to the art galleries. And for that to really happen, it helps that this art is on the lighter side. I’ve heard a lot of great feedback from all sorts of citizens, many of whom never set foot in an art venue.

Scott painting "Designersaurs" 2012

Scott painting “Designersaurs” 2012

Once you become aware of the Transformation Project and similar ones around the country and the globe, I bet you’ll start noticing them everywhere. When you do, you can remember that some artist spent many hours in the summer heat so that you could enjoy the electrical box art.

Mollie painting on her garden-themed box last summer

Mollie painting on her garden-themed box last summer

About Mollie Walker Freeman

I am a fine art painter, & I am studying to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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