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A Ready Model

Finding  the right model for a painting can be a challenge for a painter. In art school, we never had much of a choice. That said, both Scott and I ended up with some nice drawings and paintings; so it wasn’t all bad. Scott did a fun post about those experiences, which I guarantee to be much more entertaining than anything I will ever write. Click here to read that post.

MWF-Leap of Faith (2)JPG

“Leap of Faith” by Mollie Walker Freeman, model: Joel Freeman

A nice thing has happened in the past several years with regard to models in our life: we had children, and they grew up. Even as children, our kids were sometimes asked to model for us. But, it sounds like more fun than it actually turns into, for a kid. Sitting still-ridiculously still- for hours while breathing oil paint and listening to old people’s music is rarely worth the $5 Mom and Dad pay at the end of the day.

"Growing Season" by Scott Freeman, model: Sierra Freeman

“Growing Season” by Scott Freeman, model: Sierra Freeman

But, once they were teens, our kids could pass for either younger kids or adults in paintings (which made them extremely versatile). A few extra dollars and a chance at celebrity, no matter how slim, was enough to persuade a teenager to try the modeling thing again.

"Calm Before The Storm" by Scott Freeman, model, Sierra's friend, Sarah

“Calm Before The Storm” by Scott Freeman, model, Sierra’s friend, Sarah

Also, our children’s friends were sometimes offered a modeling job. My daughter and her 2 friends became the subjects of my husband’s book illustrations (“Naomi’s Gift.”) My son, Lee, ended up posing as a character in the same book.

"Day of Rest" by Mollie Walker Freeman, model: Renee Freeman

“Day of Rest” by Mollie Walker Freeman, model: Renee Freeman

The paintings posted here all make use of our children and their friends as models. There are many more, as well, some of which will probably make it into future posts. The most recent one of Renee was just finished last week, and will hang in our up-coming show at the Loveland Museum and Gallery in November 2013. The photo is a snapshot, since I’ve not yet been able to have it professionally photographed.

So thanks, kids!

About Mollie Walker Freeman

I am a fine art painter, & I am studying to be a health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

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